Welcome to B.D. White Top Soil Company Inc.

B.D. White Top Soil has been in business since 1952 serving the South Bay in Torrance and surrounding counties. We deliver from Santa Barbara to San Diego counties as well as locally.


We are in the business of manufacturing topsoil mixes and sell our products to Government Agencies, Landscape Contractors, Nurseries, Home Owners, Golf Courses, and General Contractors. In addition to our topsoil mixes, we also sell organic soil amendments and decorative landscape products.

We have over 1,000 different mixes and are also equipped to make any type of topsoil and will mix material to your exact specifications. All of our topsoil products are pre-mixed with a skip loader and then processed through a soil shredder, which blends screens and aerates the mixture, giving you a finished product ready for application.

Material Samples:
Top Soil
Playground Bark
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Don't worry B.D. White Top Soil will deliver to your residence. 

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